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Auckland Airport Pets specialise in international pet travel, providing pet transport services from Auckland’s international airport.

Our job is to make international pet travel stress free and smooth. Your job is to get to where you’re going with as few dramas as possible, settle in and make everything as comfortable as you can while you wait for your fur family to join you at their new home.

We are expert international pet movers. We can arrange the transportation of your dog or cat to your new country, whether it be Australia, USA, UK, Asia or Europe. We are NZFSA registered and only use crates approved by the IATA for your pet’s journey.

How to organise air travel with pets?

It can be traumatic moving your furry friends overseas and there can be a lot of boxes that need ticking and ‘ts’ that need crossing, which may be more important than you might think. We fly pets all the time. We are familiar with the paperwork, regularly organise flights, custom clearance, and provide all veterinary requirements.

With international pet travel, some of the biggest issues arise people move pets overseas with incorrectly completed health documentation. This may be due to owners not understanding the rules, vets deciding not to perform tests or airline personnel or embassy staff not being up to date when it comes to the rules of pet travel or the documentation required. Sadly, these mistakes can lead to pets having to spend unnecessarily long periods in quarantine or additional, avoidable costs for pet owners.

Let us remove the stress. International pet shipping requires an extensive range of documentation, vet work, health checks and MPI Certifications, which we can organise. Our team of pet travel consultants, vets and drivers work together to ensure every step of your pet’s journey is seamless and everything is as it should be. Your pet’s comfort, safety and welfare is our number one priority at all times.

Auckland Airport Pet Services can cover all the following services:

  • Booking The Flight: Yes, we’ll book the flight with your preferred airline. In most cases pets can be on the same flight as you. Travelling separately from your pets? Our international pet transport service includes full research of the best routes, quality airlines, and stopover facilities.
  • Initial Transport: Our pet movers can collect your precious animals from your home, depending where you live in New Zealand. Please ask for a transport quote. Otherwise we can arrange for a domestic flight to Auckland and make sure your pet gets to the international flight and all their paper work is in order.
  • Pet Accommodation: If you cat or dog needs boarding before their flight, we have a top-quality pet hotel available as part of our pet care services. Our dog and cat hotel services at Brookby Pet Lodge are available at special reduced rates.
  • Transport Crate: Yes, we supply IATA approved pet courier transport crates – yours to keep. All animals undertaking international pet shipping with a voyage time of 6 hours or more must have an Animal Welfare Certificate which also ensures your pet travel crate is the correct size and has the correct features for safety and welfare.
  • MPI Veterinary Inspection: Yes, we can take care of that.
  • Exporter Declaration: Yes, our pet movers will also take care of that.
  • Transport To The Airport: Yes, our airport pet chauffeurs will ensure your pet departs on times and arrives to you safely.
  • Please read our Terms and Conditions.

We take care of everything

We have our very own pet boarding facility for pre-flight boarding. A local vet is just 5 minutes away to ensure easy processing of your pet’s Export Certificate – this is required for pet travel to Australian destinations and must be completed within 96 hours pre-flight. If you’re flying farther afield, then a visit to MPI is needed 24-48 hours pre-flight for the Export Certificate, but don’t worry, we will take care of that as well.

Is there anything I should know about?

For anyone considering international pet travel, there are several things useful to understand:

  • Dogs travelling to Australia need their owner’s declaration stating the dog has lived in NZ since birth or since coming to New Zealand from Australia. Dogs from other countries require blood tests before travel.
  • Cats and dogs travelling to UK and Ireland must be micro-chipped and be vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days before entering the UK.
  • For travel to most of Europe, a rabies vaccination is required at least 21 days before flying.
  • We will work with you to ensure your pet’s journey through our pet couriers NZ services is safe and comfortable, from collection at your home or drop-off at our own Brookby Pet Lodge where each much-loved animal gets individualised attention.

We will respond to your quote request very promptly, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call between 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday on 09 216 6011.

Airport Pets are the pet movers to go for international pet travel from New Zealand to the world.

Airport Pets is the preeminent company to go for if you need any services regarding pet transport New Zealand. See our TradeMe advert for Pet Transport and our Brookby Lodge Dog Kennels Auckland.

As an experienced international pet shipping company, we make sure your pet is comfortable for travel. it is our first priority. You can honestly relax when we’re in charge of your pet travel.

Graeme and Ruth Bell:

What pets do you own? Ruth has a collection of dogs, cats, mini horses, donkeys, goats and a variety of birds.
How long have you worked owned Airport Pets? We have owned and operated Brookby Pet Lodge since 2007 and bought Airport Pets in 2009.

What about you? With a background in dairy farming we have worked with animals all our lives and have a great understanding of animal welfare

What are your day to day jobs? Because we live on the premises, we are very much in touch with all that happens with all the animals and their care.

David & Bridget Bell:

What pets do you own? 1 cat – Leo, 2 dogs – Molly a jack russell / shih tzu and Cruz – shih tzu / lhasa apso
What about you? We both grew up in the country and moved to Auckland in 2003. We have two beautiful daughters, Hollie and Stevie (who adore being around the animals).

David had his own building company for 10 years which built the Quantine facility, Cattery and extra Kennels at Brookby Lodge. Now we have become part of the family business which we are so excited about.
What are your day to day jobs? David is manager of Airport Pets, Pets by Air, Brookby Pet Lodge and Auckland Quarantine.
What is your favourite dog breed? Jack russell / shih tzu
What are your hobbies? Walking the dogs and spending time with the girls.

Pet travel consultant:

What pets do you own? Britta – a British blue cat
How long have you worked at Airport Pets? 9 years
What are your day to day jobs? My role involves greeting animals and owners on arrival at our kennel / cattery, booking your pets’ flights and coordinating their vet visits for their health checks. I prepare documents for the government vets and check our pets’ paper work is in order for the destination port. I ensure timelines for flights are in place and your pet gets to the airport in good time.
What are your favourite breeds? British short-haired cats and farm dogs
What about you? I grew up I the country and have had cats, dogs and horses most f my life. Only one cat remains now, and she was a recent acquisition to suit a more city-based lifestyle. A home is not a home without a cat.

Pet travel consultant:

What pets do you own? Alfie the jack russel, Ebony the cat and 3 fish.
How long have you worked at Airport Pets?
9 years
What are your day to day jobs? Assists customers with quotes, bookings and requirements for transporting their pets!
What are your favourite breeds? Sphynx cats and chihuahuas to great Danes and all dogs in between.

What about you? Animals are my passion and I have worked with everything from tiny bugs to elephants. Making customers feel reassured about their beloved fur babies is what I strive for daily.


What pets do you own? 10 mini ponies.
How long have you worked at Airport Pets?
7 years
What are your day to day jobs? Driving and office admin.
What is your favourite dog breed? Mastiff
What are your hobbies? Showing and breeding horses

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