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Please read the following information carefully as it contains important details on pet transport to Korea.

1. Statutory authority

Pursuant to section 60 of the Animal Products Act 1999, I notify the following overseas market access requirements, entitled Dogs and Cats to Korea.

This notice takes effect from date of signing.

Dated at Wellington this 21st day of December 2005.

Signed: Karen Sparrow

Manager Exports

Biosecurity New Zealand

(pursuant to delegated authority)

2. Korea Requirements

Dogs and cats exported from New Zealand to Korea must comply with the import requirements of Korea listed in this notice as follow:

2.1 An official veterinarian authorised by the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry must certify, after due enquiry, the following:

2.1.1 No case of rabies has ever occurred in New Zealand.

2.1.2 The animals have been located in New Zealand during the six months immediately preceding the date of shipment or since birth.

2.1.3 The animals have been examined and found to be fit and healthy to travel, free from ectoparasites and free from infectious and contagious disease at the time of export.

3. Revocations

DOMANIEC.KOR 23.10.01 – dogs and cats to Korea is revoked and replaced by this OMAR notification.

4. Definitions

For the purposes of this document:

Any term or expression that is defined in the Animal Products Act 1999 and used, but not defined in this document, has the same meaning as in this Act.

Explanatory note

This OMAR is based on the conditions provided in the export certificate for dogs and cats to Korea, dated 23 October 2001.

Additional Information for OMAR Notification: DOMANIEC.KOR 05.12.05

1. An import permit is not required.

Section 61.A of the Animal Products Amendments Act 2005 states that ‘The Crown is not liable, and nor is the Director-General or any employee of the Ministry liable, for any loss arising through the refusal or failure of the relevant authority of an overseas market to admit export animal material or animal product to that market’.